The Importance of Learning in Longrich

The Importance of Learning in Longrich;

A wise man once said, there is no mountain anywhere; every man’s ignorance is his mountain. In other words, what we don’t know will appear mysterious, gigantic, almost gargantuan to us. And because what we don’t know cannot profit us, it is essential we acquire all the knowledge possible about our Longrich business, in our commitment to flying high with it.

One of the areas of knowledge about this business that is so crucial is the knowledge of the amazing products the company provides. Testimonies abound about the impacts of these products in the lives of people. But, we must know the products inside out, if we are to effectively sell them to others. We must know them cold. If possible, we should use them to get our own testimonies as well. Product knowledge is it. This is one of the secrets to flying high in this business.

To acquire the necessary knowledge about the products, the Consortium has a detailed Longrich product catalogue. Please use it and use it generously.

Again, this journey starts when you sign up for the business and get your 3 referral legs. If we sign up and get our 3 legs and tell everyone to bring their 3 legs as well, we will in time be flying with the eagles, literally. Our bank accounts will sing nice tunes. Longrich Bonus payments are made every Thursdays, that is why at Longrich we call them Green Thursdays. You must be part of the numerous members receiving alerts on Thursdays from now on. Take the step.

If you have not signed up at all, it is time to do so right away. Delay no more. Every day delayed is a day of missed opportunities. Do it today. Right now.

On the other hand, if you have signed up and have no one signed up under you or your legs are not up to 3 yet, it is time to do something about it. Commissions starts only when you have at least two legs. It is a good idea to sign up with your family members, or even yourself as your referrals. As you grow, the other accounts grow too. Instead of one stream of income to the family, there are several streams.

Finally and again, let us not forget our product knowledge. This is key. Go through the catalogue, tear it apart. Know each of the products so well that you can practically talk about it without referring to the catalogue. Knowledge matters. Knowledge makes the difference. Go for it.

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