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Who We Are 

A group of focused persons, very passionate at what they do and stretching tentacles to positively impact focused driven individuals the embrace and reap the goodness of good health and wealth.

Our Mission

Ensure that all families in Africa have an income source from Longrich Bioscience Internatiol.

What we do

Help people all over the world to live healthily with our products and to achieve time and financial freedom with our compensation plan.

My Story

Buy health related products online-I am Leonard Berinyuy; a medical expert and an entrepreneur and I sail from West Africa – Cameroon and from the North West region where war is the talk of the day. With this, life is for the strong and the rich and the middle and low class have no place in the society. My grandmother died of kidney problems after spending my Dad’s fortune in the hospital and could not be treated; leaving us not able to attain our education because of financial constraints. When I did my research, I found out that we lost our grand mother because of ignorance since we didn’t know there were some organic products that could treat her. I also noticed that, she could use these products and be rewarded through the generosity of the Longrich Compensation plan. 

Buy health related products online-This prompted the creation of this site, to help people not to end up the way my grandmother and family did. 

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