How to Join Longrich and make money online in Cameroon.

How to Join Longrich and make money online in Cameroon.

If you are looking for another income source, Longrich is the best. Read below how Longrich changed my life from beggar and debtor to a daily, weekly and monthly earner.

One year ago, a friend came to my rescue with this opportunity when I was going through serious financial crisis. I am a nurse specialist with 6years of experience. Worked in the south west region for these years and after terminating my contract, I decided to seek for greener pastures and moved on to the central part of Cameroon where I submitted my CV in 14 health facilities with high hopes I will swim in a bunch of choices. Unfortunately, 2 hospitals called and proposed a monthly salary of 40,000FCFA each working from 8am to 5pm and with a tight job description.

I became stranded because of the responsibilities I had and I knew that money could not even take care of myself and transport to go to work. That was when a friend introduced Longrich business to me which I took a loan to register as a partner because I was tired of living from hand to mouth daily.

I worked as a partner for few months and paid of my debt of over 400,000FCFA, saved money from my weekly bonuses and by God’s grace I am proud to own a pharmacy through Longrich that gives me daily income, Longrich gives me weekly income and my part time work in the hospital gives me monthly income.

Today, I can boldly boast that I am a 5 to 6 figure earner in Longrich and working to become a 7 figure earner.

Below is my image before I started this great journey and how it has been so far. (My Longrich success story in Cameroon)

Longrich success story in Cameroon


To know more about Longrich in Cameroon, watch the short video below;

Benefits of becoming a Longrich partner in Cameroon.

  • Weekly bonuses paid directly into your account.
  • Shares 1% of the company’s monthly turnover (sales) as a VIP partner.
  • Brand new cars every year to partners which one can qualify for multiple cars. The cars can be converted to cash and sent to your account.
  • All expenses paid luxury vacations abroad 2 to 3 times a year.
  • 90 million FCFA house fund award at Star Director level.
  • 4 years Executive MBA program at the prestigious REGIS University Colorado USA.
  • Scholarship for any degree program for yourself or anybody of your choice at SOOCHOW UNIVERSITY CHINA.

How to become a Longrich partner in Cameroon

To become a partner of Longrich company in Cameroon, it requires no registration. You only purchase products of your choice according to the entry levels stipulated by the company.

There are 6 entry levels into Longrich in Cameroon. You can register and become a partner by choosing any of the entry levels in the table below;

Longrich entry levels in Cameroon (3)

It should be noted that when you register at any level, you are given products worth the amount of the amount of money per the entry level you selected. You can decide to retail all the products and get back your money, use them and be in good health or share them with loved ones.

Below is a table for the products for combo packages in Cameroon.

Longrich combo package products in Cameroon

How to register to join Longrich Cameroon.

signing up for Longrich business in Cameroon is simple:
  • After you have determined which entry level to choose, go to the nearest Stockist office close to you with our directions. (Click on the WhatsApp button to chat live with a consultant about the directives)
  • When you arrive the office, you will be given a Longrich members registration form to fill, in this form, you will fill a sponsor and placement codes (which one of our consultants will give you on WhatsApp).
  • After filling the form with your credentials and entry level, you will pay the amount of money associated with your entry level. For example, Q Silver is 90,000CFA.
  • Your ID card information will be required and you might need to provide a bank account number for your weekly payments (Optional).
  • After you have completed the registration process, you will be given a sponsor code and the stockist at the Longrich office will give your products.

How to make money with Longrich in Cameroon

There are 3 ways in which Longrich partners in Cameroon make huge sums of money weekly.

  • By introducing other people in the platform and earning bonuses in return.
  • By selling Longrich products
  • By getting amazing incentives of cars, international trips, scholarships and house awards.

You can make as much money as you want in Longrich as a partner but you have to put in the work. I can tell you one thing for sure; Longrich can change your life for good.

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