How to use the Longrich toothpaste to treat pimples/acne

How to use the Longrich toothpaste to treat pimples/acne

How to use the Longrich toothpaste to treat pimples/acne;

The white tea multi effect toothpaste is more than just an ordinary toothpaste, it’s of no doubt why it is called “multi effect” because of its multifunctional abilities.

White tea toothpaste ingredients
  • White Tea Essence.
  • Xylitol.
  • TSC Antiseptic.
  • Hydrated Silica.
  • Strontium Chloride.
  • Aloe Extract.
  • Calcium
  • Menthol.

This toothpaste is a multi-function product from Longrich Bioscience that works for many other problems especially when coupled with other Longrich products.


In this post, I will be showing you how to use the Longrich toothpaste and bamboo soap to treat pimple/acne on your face and entire body.

  1. Step one: Get Toothpaste and Soap

    The first thing to Do is to get to a nearby stockist center and get the toothpaste and soap. if you are a Longrich partner, it will be beneficial for you as you will gain more PVs. To learn About what PVs are, please click here

  2. Step Two: Wash your face with the soap

    It is very important to wash your face with the Longrich bamboo charcoal soap as it will effectively remove impurities and excess oil via the process of exfoliation, leaving skin deeply cleansed and refreshed. Longrich Bamboo Charcoal Soap will also exfoliate dead skin cells and impurities thereby making it possible for the Longrich toothpaste to easily penetrate your skin and work wonders.

  3. Step Three: Apply the toothpaste and wait

    Apply tiny amounts of  Longrich toothpaste on different spots on your face and gently rub/massage your face with the paste to enable the white tea properties in the Longrich toothpaste to seep into your facial skin pores to get rid of pimples.

    While applying the toothpaste to your face,  spend more time on the spots where the pimples are severe in other to get effective results. after applying the toothpaste, waited for 5 to 10 minutes before washing it off from your face

  4. Step Four: Repeat step 2

    Then, apply the sheep placenta SOD body milk on your face after drying it.

  5. Repeat the routine for a week to a month and you will start to see results start to take effect slowly

Note: The result from this post may be different for everyone. Some people will start seeing impressive results within a week, while some will start seeing results in a month or two.

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