Longrich operates a unique multi-level marketing platform based on a 3 x 3 matrix, which  eliminates the pitfalls in the other known multi-level marketing systems while retaining all the benefits. For instance, you are not tied to the apron strings of any upline: you can overtake an upline in Longrich.

The key features of this system are as follow:
  •  Longrich invites you to partner with it on any of the five (5) levels of membership, which starts with the Q-Silver and is topped by the VIP Platinum, with FREE registration.
  •  With Longrich, the registration is FREE. To join, you simply buy desired products of Longrich with worth in PV (point value) of at least that required for the desired membership level. You can start at any level and upgrade progressively to the highest level by progressive product purchases when desired.
  •  You are permitted to have only three direct referrals. If you sponsor many people, you are permitted to place them as spillovers under your direct referrals, down your group.
  •  The membership level you choose determines your performance bonus rate. Most bonuses are calculated and paid weekly (a few are monthly), every Thursday, 3 weeks in arrears.
  •  In Longrich, you can earn bonuses and incentives in 10 different ways, based on the activities of your group.

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