Longrich Compensation Plan in Cameroon


Longrich compensation plan in Cameroon

Congratulations on finding Longrich. You are one step closer to attaining financial freedom with residual income, from the comfort of your own home. All you need to do to make your dreams come true is to share the Longrich amazing business opportunity and high-quality products with others. You can build a part-time business or a full-time business using this model.

Longrich Cameroon compensation plan, as you will soon see, is one of the most lucrative and truly balanced compensation plans around.

Important Concepts to Know about Longrich compensation plan in Cameroon:

PV = Points Value (Every Longrich product has an equivalent PV)

Generations = considered as your direct referrals.

Spillover = The distributor who is brought forward to you by your uplines and are considered part of your placement tree.

Sponsor tree = where your direct referrals are placed

Legs = groups

Reference Legs = sharing groups (not used for bonus calculation)

Level = placement of your downline

Entry levels (How one can partner with Longrich)

You are considered a partner of Longrich (independent distributor) when you purchase Longrich’s quality products with any of the following packages:

Longrich Entry Package Costs in Cameroon
  1. VIP – 1680 PVs (1,800,000 FRS): You earn 1% share of global sales + 12% weekly bonus!
  2. PLATINUM – 720 PVs (800,000 FRS): Earn 12% weekly bonus.
  3. GOLD – 240 PVs (330,000 FRS): Earn 10% weekly bonus.
  4. SILVER – 120 PVs (150,000 FRS): Earn 8% weekly bonus
  5. Q-SILVER – 60 PVs (90,000 FRS): Earn 8% weekly bonus
  6. STARTER PACK – 4 PVs (24,000 FRS)

The Longrich compensation plan eliminates the pitfalls, drawbacks and weaknesses of traditional network marketing systems.

Ways by Which Longrich Pays You – 10 Ways of Earning

We would classify these into two: Cash bonuses and incentive bonuses

Under Cash Bonuses, Longrich gives you Fast start bonus, Performance bonus, development bonus, retail order bonus, leadership bonus and you also earn retail profits.

For Lifetime Incentive Bonuses, Longrich rewards partners with All-Expense paid trips abroad, brand new cars, educational scholarships, and house funds.

Let’s take a close look into these bonuses:

Fast Start Bonus

This is paid for all new registrations that come into your team, irrespective of the person’s entry level. It is paid up to the third generation as follows:

1st Gen – 12 dollars per person sponsored directly

2nd Gen – 6 dollars person sponsored by your 1st generation.

3rd Gen – 3 dollars’ person sponsored by your 2nd generation.

It is paid the week immediately after the registration is done.

Performance Bonus

This is the main weekly bonus in the system, paid on placement tree

There is no limit to the number of generations you earn on.

The percentage depends on your entry level:

Q-SILVER (60PVs) – ~8% of total PVs accumulated

SILVER (120PVs) – 8% of total PVs accumulated

GOLD (240PVs) – 10% of total PVs accumulated

Platinum (720PVs) – 12% of total PVs accumulated

VIP (1680PVs) – 12% + 1Global VIP point

It is paid on the points accumulated under your two weaker legs


Let’s assume you registered with the platinum entry level (12% performance bonus on PVs)

(As a leader, you can build 3 groups under your network)

One of your groups (one with the highest accumulated PV) is considered as the reference group and hence, not used for bonus calculations; while the 2 remaining legs will be your payout legs.

Let’s say you have accumulated the following PVs within the 1st week:

Group A (15,000 PVs), Group B (10,000 PVs), Group C (5,000 PVs)

Group B and C will be used for calculations as follows:

Group B = (10,000 x 12%) = $ 1,200

Group C = (5,000 x 12%) = $ 600

Total earnings for 1st week = $ 1200+ $ 600 = $ 1800 (for performance bonus alone)

Development Bonus

Paid weekly as well based on sponsor tree, and on two weaker legs.

10% bonus on every 60PVs bulk purchase in your payment legs on unlimited generations.

It is calculated as:

1unit = 60PVs = $6.00


Assuming you have the following PVs in your payment legs for the first level:

Group A = 720 PV and Group C = 60 PV

Earning on Group A = (720 x 10%) = $ 72

Earning on Group C = (60 x 10%) = $ 6

Total earnings for 1st level = $72 + $6 = $78 (for development bonus alone)

Retail Order Bonus / Maintenance Bonus

The company gives you the option to do a 30PVs cycle/monthly maintenance.

There is no limit to the number of generations you earn on.

For each person that also does the 30PVs maintenance, you are paid $1.35 per person in your placement tree, on all three legs.

Note: This is not authorship, as there are no penalties for failing to do it: no demotion, no flushing of points, nor withholding of major bonuses, it only gives more cash and helps hit the ranks faster.

Doing your 30PVs also activates the Leadership bonus

Leadership Bonus

Paid based on your leadership rank from 10% at Diamond 1 up to 45% at Star director 5

It is calculated as a percentage of the performance bonuses paid in your sponsor tree, and it is paid on all three legs

This is paid up to the 12th generation.





Destinations: China and Dubai are constant, then USA, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Etc

You can either qualify for the trips through the periodic promotions, irrespective of your rank. Or automatically qualify for three trips when you hit DIAMOND 6.

Note that due to dual qualifications criteria, for the rest of your life, you can keep going on enjoying these trips, every year. It is not a one-time thing. It is a lifelong incentive.




Every year the company holds two car awards in South Africa. You can either qualify for the cars through the periodic promotions or through the ranks.

Sandryn Nchotu with one of her car fund award from Longrich.

Once again, this is a life time incentive that can reward two brand new cars every single year for the rest of your life.

You can choose to take the cash value of the car.


LONGRICH EDUCATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP      longrich scholarship in Cameroon

Longrich awards three types of Scholarship

First degree in Soochow University, China or master’s degree in Regis University of Colorado, USA; at Diamond 7.

Executive MBA in US at Star director 1

It is interesting to know that scholarships can be willed to even children yet to be born.





Longrich rewards you a house fund worth $150,000 when you attain star director 1 rank.

Watch this little piece about a mansion realized through Longrich Bioscience International

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