Testimony of Longrich from partners

The significance of Longrich pay day on partners

The significance of Longrich pay day on partners;

Longrich Pay Day typically refers to the commission or earnings that Longrich distributors receive for distributing Longrich products and building their network of distributors. Longrich is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that offers a range of health and wellness, personal care, and household products. Distributors earn commissions based on their product sales and the sales generated by their downline distributors.

Longrich Pay day commonly called “Green Thursday” by Longrich partners being a day when they reap the fruits of their weekly labour. To some, its a financial saving day, to others, it’s a day to rejoice as they receive bank alerts.

Longrich Pay Day holds immense significance for its partners, fostering financial stability and empowerment. This innovative compensation system provides regular payouts, motivating partners to build sustainable businesses. Partners receive commissions on product sales, incentivizing active participation.

Moreover, the Binary Bonus encourages teamwork, emphasizing collaboration over competition. Achieving specific ranks unlocks additional perks, including leadership bonuses and travel incentives. Longrich Pay Day is a driving force behind partner retention and growth.

Beyond monetary rewards, it promotes personal development and entrepreneurship, allowing partners to control their destiny. It cultivates a sense of purpose, as partners aspire to improve their lives and those of others through Longrich’s quality products. Ultimately, Longrich Pay Day empowers partners to achieve financial freedom and make a positive impact.

Below are some live testimonies on The significance of Longrich pay day on some partners


Testimony of Longrich from partnersFor the past five years till date, I am able to conveniently plan my weekly expenses/Savings because of the sure income I get, contrary to the monthly pay system.

In addition, Thursday has become my best and happiest day. I am always very excited and conscious each time the signals come in.

It gives more zeal to keep trusting the process and of course encourages me to be more passionate and consistent in preaching the Longrich gospel to many more people. It has become clearer that the system pays till infinity as far as the activities continue.

Finally, green Thursday gives me more assurance of clear retirement benefits for my family and I.

Mme Mantan Mercy Giba: State Midwife and Entrepreneur (Cameroon)


Testimonies on the impacts of Longrich pay dayLongrich pay day is a day I always look forward to especially as my team keeps growing. It is fascinating to see that on some weeks I make more than I used to get as monthly salary as a teacher. Such weeks encourage me a lot to work harder knowing that the more point values I accumulate, the more I get paid.

Secondly I’m renovating my house in Jakiri (North West Region Cameroon) using my bonuses at the moment which is something that would have really been difficult to realize without that extra source of income.

Kinyuy Ethel (USA) Licenced Practical Nurse.
Entrepreneur and Distributor with Longrich Bioscience International.


Testimony of Longrich from partnersLongrich is a wonderful company. There is none like Longrich. I have been to so many, none pays me even once a month but Longrich pays me handsomely four times a month I say kudos to this giant company.
It has impacted me a lot, when I sit back and look at how this giant company will be paying me and my family for life, I say thank you our mother hen SD mama Jane for not giving up that is why we all that are serious in this amazing company are enjoying.

Laura Rich game changers stockist (Cameroon)


Testimonies on the impacts of Longrich pay dayLongrich Pay day is a game changer, this is the only platform that one never loose but get rewarded in every activity done.

Even if you earn R100 per week, that’s a great start because with persistence that could become R10 000 per week.


Naftaly Rantho Longrich Stockist South Africa 


Testimonies on the impacts of Longrich pay dayIn contrast to a lot of people who practically have one pay-slip a month, Longrich payday comes once every week and of course it’s a moral boaster since it’s just a supporting business but pays me more than my main job.
My projects are ongoing thanks to Longrich that pays regularly every Thursday, the more energy one puts into sales and duplication, the more happier paydays one have.

Kinyuy Fidel Banven BNs Nurse, medical tutor/Entrepreneur (Cameroon)


The significance of Longrich pay day on partners

Longrich pay day is where I get motivation to keep on building my team as a leader
And its also where I get more members since they see my cash focus now and then in that way they gain trust about Longrich. Its a big push for me.

Nokwanda Sibanyoni

Longrich Distributor Swaziland


Testimonies on the impacts of Longrich pay dayFor myself who is a 9-5er, salary earner.

Longrich weekly alert has taken away pressure from me. I am no longer salary dependent waiting for pay check only on month end.

Every week I smile as I expect alerts from Longrich. Life is SWEETER, to say the least.

Bassey Ekpah
Business Strategist/ Analysist (Nigeria)


Testimony of Longrich from partners

The LONGRICH PAY DAY is that day you earn from what you’ve planted in the LONGRICH platform. This day occurs once weekly also called the Green Thursday.

It’s equally a day which many people whom you’ve empowered with this business opportunity earn as well. Where many people are blessed because of your sacrifice to show them the light.

“A candle light that lights many others”

Mr. Walter NDUM aka WORLDIGITAL, a Digital Skills Instructor, Network Marketer, Brand Identity Designer, YouTuber & Content Writer/Creator.



Testimony of Longrich from partners

La journée de pay à Longrich est l’une des mes journées favories, car à partir de 11h je regarde mes messages pour voir combien j’ai eu en travaillant cette semaine.

Cela procure de la joie, mais surtout l’envie d’aller plus loin en travaillant dur, aussi à booster son équipe pour un meilleur rendement.

C’est exceptionnel de référer les produits et d’être payé en retour


Chef de District à eneo Mbalmayo (Cameroon)


The significance of Longrich pay day on partnersIts a day the company gives return to those that work on there rules of accomplishment.
We deal with Chines People they said if you work you eat if you don’t work you won’t eat.
And how it has impacted towards my life, I use my bonuses to develop myself too not only to chop. Thank you

Yours faithfully PEPSON from Sierra Leone


Testimonies on the impacts of Longrich pay daySince day one I partnered with Longrich and have put in the work, Longrich pay day which is call Green Thursday has been bringing blessings to me and my family. Earning weekly from my daily consumable products through Longrich is amazing and I will keep promoting and educating people about this business opportunity.

Ikhumhen Dorcas, Administrator/Virtual Assistant/Data Entry Personnel (Nigeria)


Testimonies on the impacts of Longrich pay dayLongrich payday is holy and a special day in my life..

Sometimes I will even forget its Longrich payday. The alert will just come boom. At that moment your mood and everything will change.. That’s the day you will be thanking yourself for saying yes to the Longrich business opportunity.

Sackey Badu, a networker and diamond 4 leader in Longrich international (Ghana)

Longrich testimonyThe LONGRICH PAY DAY is that day you earn from what you’ve planted in the LONGRICH platform. This day occurs once a week also called the GREEN Thursday.

It’s equally a day which many people whom you’ve empowered with this business opportunity earn as well. Where many people are blessed because of your sacrifice to show them the light.

“A candle light that lights many others”
Longrich pay day or Green Thursday has equally help me grow my business by using the payday bonus to help others join my team, pay my bills while still building the business.

Taho Daniel: Network marketer (Cameroon)


Testimony of Longrich from partners

It’s always good to be paid at the end of the month but Longrich has made things easier as I’m paid weekly which is something am still to see with another platform.

Thursdays ( Green Thursday) are the best days of the week I have experienced since I partnered with Longrich.

I can’t start counting the impact this pay day has made in my life. This two I could use a laptop to type my project there thanks to this pay day.

Take a look at the picture above, if I was able to wear a suit in my life it’s because of Longrich pay day.

Basil yuh ( a Nurse and a proud longrich ambassador) Cameroon


The above impactful words are just few out of hundreds of thousands of testimonials that people give on a daily basis about this giant company.

Longrich is so flexible that it doesn’t need a qualification, no age limits, it has a very friendly and very generous compensation plan, the company has a very flexible and transparent system, our products are top notch, 100% natural with no side effects and many other advantages.

Everyone can and deserve to earn massively and weekly from this great company while living healthily and also enjoying their dreams.

If you have not yet embraced this business opportunity, I will invite you to click on this link to review our compensation plan and get started in your entrepreneurial journey.

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  1. The testimonies are amazing Longerich is the real deal. Today I’m going to payed again. If you are a partner with longrich, you’re a blessing to your family

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