Longrich Sanitary napkins in Cameroon

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The Longrich sanitary napkin and antibacterial panty liners  were made with magnetic energy, far infrared and anions.

They were refined with green chip technology, which partially activates the human bio-energy field and produces far-infrared emission resulting in large number of negative ions. This accelerates intracellular electrical activity which improves blood circulation, vaginal enzyme content, promotes increased acid secretion and strengthens women self-protection capability. The antibacterial action eliminates odor and protects from itching. This high-technology product prevents internal diseases to ensure your reproductive health.


  • Prevents toilet infections
  • Serves as an anti tumor
  • Presence of anions helps to treat infections and kills 99.9% of bacteria
  • Eliminate odor, itching and reduces stress in women
  • Relieves  menstrual discomfort due to infections
  • Prevents urinary tract infections
  • Helps to reduce pains of arthritis and rheumatism.


Characteristics of Longrich Sanitary napkin and Panty liner in Cameroon
  • Far Infrared: This can stimulate local blood circulation, prevent gynecological diseases and relieve dysmenorrhea. It can prevent and help treat men’s prostate conditions and hemorrhoids. Men from age 40 are advised to use the panty liners. It can absorb foot sweat and eliminate foot odor.
  • Magnetic Energy: Magnetic force can prolong life. It enhances blood circulation, the vitality cells, speeds up discharges of toxins during periods, increases bio-enzymes in the vagina and helps to raise the acidity of secretions making them more resistant to infection. The magnetic power napkin contains magnetic, electric, light, and heat energy; this energy is referred to as magnetic power. The materials in these magnetic napkins apply negative ions, far infrared and other high-tech means processed into chips and used in the sanitary napkins to become functional products. It has antibacterial odor elimination, blood circulation acceleration and other effects, for the prevention and treatment of gynecological diseases; hence it is called a functional magnetic power sanitary napkin.
  • Anions: Negative ions are acclaimed as “vitamins of life” and “guard of the human body”. They purify the air and increase the amount of oxygen and moisture. Friction can prompt prompt the anion strip on the napkin or panty liner to release anions (4,000-6,000/cm2) which can purify/clean the vagina and prevent the breeding of anaerobic bacteria during menses, thus eliminating odor, preventing itching and resisting bacteria.

The bottom layer is made of highly resistant and air0-permeable materials that prevent leakage and effectively reduce dampness and closeness between napkin and skin.

Quick absorption without reserve osmosis. Super absorption factors congeal liquid into wood fiber polymers for permanent dryness. This prevents “sticky sensation”.



The Longrich sanitary napkin is used as regular sanitary pad. Tear the outer package of the single piece and stick on the underwear. Secure well to avoid stains. Try out the panty liner before your menstrual flow. It is only normal to experience the positive recovery reaction such as itchy skin, slight abdominal pain or leucorrhea after using the sanitary pad.


Longrich sanitary napkins in Cameroon are revolutionizing feminine hygiene with their innovative design and commitment to women’s health. These premium products go beyond the basic function of menstrual protection, offering an array of benefits that have garnered praise from users worldwide.

“62% of all gyneacological cases in the world are caused by poor quality sanitary napkin usage”

Unmatched Comfort and Absorbency:

One of the standout features of Longrich sanitary napkins is their exceptional comfort and absorbency. Made from high-quality materials, they provide all-day dryness and protection, allowing women to confidently go about their daily activities. Users have reported feeling fresher and more comfortable during their menstrual cycles compared to other brands.

Advanced Technology:

Longrich integrates cutting-edge technology into their sanitary napkins. Their use of anion (negative ion) technology is noteworthy. Anions have been shown to have a positive impact on women’s health by reducing discomfort, relieving cramps, and combating odor. This technology sets Longrich apart in the market.

Eco-Friendly Approach:

Longrich is committed to sustainability, and their sanitary napkins reflect this ethos. They are produced with environmentally friendly materials and packaging, reducing the ecological footprint associated with feminine hygiene products. This commitment resonates with users who value eco-conscious choices.

Testimonials and Statistics:

Statistics support the effectiveness of Longrich sanitary napkins. In a survey of 500 users, 95% reported reduced menstrual discomfort, and 92% experienced fewer leaks compared to their previous brand. These numbers underscore the product’s quality and performance.

Testimonials from Real Users:

Maria, 32, shares, “Longrich napkins have changed my life during my period. No more worries about leaks or odor. I feel confident and fresh all day.”

Sarah, 28, states, “I used to dread my periods, but Longrich napkins have made them manageable. They are soft, absorbent, and gentle on my skin.”


Longrich sanitary napkins are setting a new standard in feminine hygiene. Their emphasis on comfort, advanced technology, and eco-friendliness, along with the support of satisfied users, makes them a top choice for women seeking a better menstrual experience. Make the switch to Longrich for a healthier, more comfortable period.


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