Longrich Instant Hand Sanitizer in Cameroon

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Longrich Instant Hand Sanitizer in Cameroon is a non-wash and quick-dry: portable and convenient, no need to wash, clean your hands anytime and anywhere.

Microorganisms to be exterminated include staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, candida albicans.

Directions for use:

Take appropriate amount (2ml – 3ml) to the palm of your hands and massage your hands for one minute, no need to wash, it will dry naturally.

Scope of application:

This product is suitable for hand disinfection, non-water washing and easy to use.


This product is a disinfectant for external use and shall not be taken orally, please keep out of reach of children.

Avoid use with antagonistic drugs.

Use this product with caution if allergic.

Keep in a dark, dry and cool place, and keep sealed.

Flammable, keep away from fire.

The duration of use shall not exceed 30days after opening.

Ingredients: active ingredient is 75% ethyl alcohol



Longrich Instant Hand Sanitizer Cameroon is a highly effective and convenient solution for maintaining hand hygiene, particularly in today’s world where cleanliness is paramount. This product is a testament to Longrich’s commitment to quality and safety.

One of the standout features of Longrich Instant Hand Sanitizer is its fast-acting formula. With just a small amount applied to your hands, it rapidly eliminates harmful germs and bacteria, providing you with instant protection. This quick action is especially crucial in situations where soap and water are not readily available.

Longrich prioritizes safety, and this hand sanitizer is no exception. It contains a high percentage of alcohol, typically around 70%, which meets the recommended guidelines for effective disinfection. The alcohol content ensures that pathogens are efficiently killed upon contact, leaving your hands clean and germ-free.

Furthermore, Longrich takes pride in the quality of their products. This hand sanitizer not only serves its primary purpose but also includes skin-friendly ingredients to prevent dryness and irritation. It leaves your hands feeling refreshed and moisturized, even with frequent use.

The packaging of Longrich Instant Hand Sanitizer is designed with convenience in mind. Its portable and ergonomic design allows you to carry it wherever you go – whether it’s in your bag, pocket, or car. This ensures that you can maintain proper hand hygiene no matter the circumstances.

In conclusion, Longrich Instant Hand Sanitizer is a reliable and effective solution for on-the-go hand hygiene. Its fast-acting, skin-friendly formula, and convenient packaging make it an excellent choice for individuals and families alike. Trust in Longrich’s commitment to quality and safety to keep your hands clean and protected in today’s hygiene-conscious world.

Get instant dryness and fast germ protection with Longrich instant hand sanitizer in Cameroon.


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