Longrich Floral Water and Hand Gel in Cameroon.

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Longrich Floral Water and Hand Gel in Cameroon provides a pleasantly cool sensation to your skin, with fresh floral scent left.

Protects effectively for as long as 8hours. 5% of DEET, which can keep off mosquitoes.

Directions: apply proper amount of this product onto your skin in order to keep off mosquitoes for as long as 8hours.

Caution: Wash your hands after use. People suffering from dermatitis and skin wound are forbidden to use. Do not use in or near silkworm nursery. Do not use if you are allergic. Avoid contact with the eyes, if it happens, please rinse with water immediately. Please do not drink while keeping out of the reach of children, if accidently drank by children, please drink plenty of water for dilution. Consult doctors immediately in case of any discomfort after use.

Ingredients: Alcohol, water, diethyltolumide, fragrance, benzophenone-4, triethanolamine.

Hand Gel:

Rinse-free and quick-drying: this waterless sanitizer with pocket friendly size cleanses your hands anytime anywhere.

Gentle skin care: Nourishing and hydrating your hands, leaving them with softness, smoothness, and full of jasmine fragrance.


Apply proper amount of this product evenly onto hands, and rub your hands gently until the gel dries off.

Caution: For external use only


Alcohol, Water, Jasminum Officinale, Flower Extract, Panthenol, Glycerin, Parfum.



Longrich Floral Water and Hand Gel in Cameroon: A Refreshing Hygiene Solution

Longrich, a trusted name in personal care products, presents a winning combination of hygiene and luxury with their Floral Water and Hand Gel. In a world where cleanliness is paramount, this dynamic duo is designed to keep you feeling fresh and protected throughout the day.

The Floral Water, infused with the gentle essence of flowers, offers a revitalizing experience with every use. It’s a multi-purpose wonder, perfect for spritzing on your face, body, or even in your hair. This versatile mist not only hydrates and nourishes your skin but also leaves behind a delightful, lingering fragrance. Imagine the soothing sensation of rose petals or the invigorating zest of lavender, all packed into a convenient spray bottle. It’s like a fragrant garden in your pocket!

Complementing the Floral Water is the Longrich Hand Gel, an essential weapon against germs and bacteria. In today’s fast-paced world, hand hygiene is non-negotiable, and this gel takes it up a notch. Its alcohol-based formula ensures that your hands are thoroughly sanitized without the need for water or soap. Plus, it’s enriched with moisturizing agents, so your hands remain soft and supple even after repeated use.

Together, these products form a holistic approach to personal care, addressing both hygiene and self-pampering. Longrich understands that beauty and cleanliness go hand in hand. With the Floral Water and Hand Gel, you don’t just cleanse your body; you elevate your senses and indulge in a moment of luxury.

In a compact, travel-friendly design, Longrich Floral Water and Hand Gel are your perfect companions on the go. Whether you’re heading to the office, traveling, or simply refreshing yourself during the day, these products are the ideal choice.

Experience the harmony of nature and science with Longrich Floral Water and Hand Gel – because staying clean should always be a delightful experience.

Longrich Floral Water and Hand Gel in Cameroon. A great combo pack for sanitizing or freshening up with a natural fresh scent that is not overbearing. Wonderful scent that is amazing, quick drying gel to make your hands sanitized and smelling good while an adoring fresh scent of flowers is ideal for chasing away mosquitoes while adding a wonderful finish touch for your clothes!


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