Longrich Corn Prickly Heat Baby Powder in Cameroon.

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Longrich Corn Prickly Heat Baby Powder is formulated with mild natural plant starch, this product is gently on skin, helps reduce prickly heat and itch, eliminates sweat odor, and leaves skin feeling smooth, soft and comfortably dry.

Directions for use:

After bath, apply suitable amount of this powder onto skin with puff.


Avoid inhalation; do not apply it on injury or damaged skin; avoid contact with eyes; keep out of the reach of children; children should not use it unless under adult’s supervision.


Place in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat.


Aluminum starch octenylsuccinate, zea mays starch, tricalcium phosphate, sulfur, benzoic acid, methylparaben, dipotassium glycyrrhizate, menthol, camphor, pollen pini, helianthus annuus seed oil, tocopherol.


Longrich Corn Prickly Heat Baby Powder in Cameroon is a gentle and effective solution for keeping your baby comfortable and free from prickly heat rashes. This product is specially formulated with care for your little one’s delicate skin, providing numerous benefits that make it a must-have in any parent’s arsenal.


First and foremost, Longrich Corn Prickly Heat Baby Powder is made from high-quality cornstarch, which is known for its absorbent properties. This natural ingredient helps to absorb excess moisture, keeping your baby’s skin dry and reducing the risk of prickly heat rash. It creates a soft and silky barrier on the skin, preventing friction and chafing, which are common causes of irritation in babies.

Furthermore, this baby powder is free from harmful chemicals such as talc and parabens, making it safe for your baby’s sensitive skin. It is hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested, ensuring that it won’t cause allergies or skin irritations. Longrich understands the importance of keeping your baby’s skin healthy and happy.


The gentle fragrance of this baby powder leaves your baby smelling fresh and clean all day long. It provides long-lasting protection, so you can be confident that your baby’s skin remains comfortable and rash-free, even in hot and humid weather.

Longrich Corn Prickly Heat Baby Powder comes in a convenient, easy-to-use bottle that allows for precise application, preventing wastage. It’s a versatile product that can be used not only on your baby’s skin but also to soothe and refresh your own skin.

A beautiful and neat baby is truly a blessing and a beauty. However, maintaining the beautiful and neat baby is truly a challenge for any parent or caretaker. It’s not possible to keep your baby clean and dry all the time.

Longrich Corn Prickly Heat Powder n Cameroon  is made from corn cereal, a healthy vegetable protein source. It’s a mild powder that can be safely used even on newborn babies. The special powder formula helps your baby to live a clean and disease-free life.


In conclusion, Longrich Corn Prickly Heat Baby Powder in Cameroon is a trusted choice for parents who want the best for their little ones. Its natural ingredients, hypoallergenic formula, and long-lasting protection make it an essential addition to your baby’s daily skincare routine, ensuring their comfort and happiness.

Longrich moisturizing baby oil in Cameroon

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