10 Truths about LONGRICH in Cameroon and beyond. 

10 Truths about LONGRICH in Cameroon and beyond.

1. You don’t lose money in Longrich, you get products back in return for your money.

2. If you’re starting with 100k for example, you get products of your choice worth 100k, in some cases, worth more than 100k back.

3. Longrich does not pay those that joined earlier more money than others, some of my downlines earn more money than me.

4. Longrich does not rob Peter to pay Paul

5. Longrich has products that you use daily and can’t do without using, like toothpaste, cream, soap, hand sanitizers, pad, pot, cup, supplements et al….

6. Longrich is going no where, not with the gigantic factory ? built in Ibeju Lekki- Lagos, Nigeria. That factory will not only manufacture Longrich products, but Oral-B is on the list of products they will be manufacturing, and more will still to join

7. Because Longrich is an OEM and ODM manufacturing company, they produce their own products and produce for others who need their services as well

8. Your account never gets deleted and your PV never get canceled in Longrich due to inactivity

9. Meaning you can decide to take a break from your business to face other things and come back to still meet your business intact when you’re ready to continue and nothing will happen. You can even still earn during your break period if you have an active team.

10. Longrich will never ever force you to buy products monthly, it’s your choice completely…

There’s more, but this 10 is OK for now.

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