How can I join Longrich in Cameroon

How can I join Longrich in Cameroon

How can I join Longrich in Cameroon?

Registration to Longrich is free. You only need to purchase products worth the amount of money you have according to the stated entry levels brought forth by the company. There are 6 entry levels, each has its own unique advantages though the higher the more advantageous. Below are the entry levels for Longrich in Cameroon:

1. VIP – 1680 PVs (1,800,000 FRS): You earn 1% share of global sales + 12% weekly bonus!

2. PLATINUM – 720 PVs (800,000 FRS): Earn 12% weekly bonus.

3. GOLD – 240 PVs (330,000 FRS): Earn 10% weekly bonus.

4. SILVER – 120 PVs (150,000 FRS): Earn 8% weekly bonus

5. Q-SILVER – 60 PVs (90,000 FRS): Earn 8% weekly bonus

6. STARTER PACK – 4 PVs (24,000 FRS)

When you choose your entry level, then you can get registered by a Longrich stockist near to your location.

Click on the WhatsApp button and get directives. Start your Longrich journey today.

What do I get apart from weekly bonuses?

You will qualify for incentives through the points you have.

What are the incentives in Longrich?

✅ You can qualify for 3 or more free international trips per year.

✅ You can qualify for at least a vehicle yearly

✅ A 44,000,000FCFA VEHICLE

✅ House Fund of 90,000,000FCFA

✅ Scholarship Incentive for degree program in China.

✅ Executive MBA in Regis University, Denver, Colorado.

It doesn’t matter where you live, you too can make money with this great business opportunity. You can build your network in any country all over the world through the Internet.

What do I do after joining Longrich?

Recruit 3 members and teach them to do the same. You leverage on those 3 members and enjoy weekly passive income as long as there is activity in your network.

What if I recruit more than 3 members?

You can recruit as many people as you can, but You will register only 3 people under you and remaining people you decide where to place them under your downline/legs. You also get (point value)PVs when your downlines join you. What they get you also get it. Your entry level determines % of earnings you get from activities under you. 

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