Does Longrich toothpaste fill up a tooth Cavity?

Best toothpaste for tooth problems, Mouth odour and whitening.


The high prevalence cases of tooth removal in our society today, is as a result of long use of toothpaste with fluoride as one of its components.

One other common toothpaste problem is sensitivity to both cold and hot water.
Our White Tea Multi-Effect Toothpaste that comes fluoride-free eliminates all manner of tooth problem including sensitivity to cold and hot water.

Our toothpaste also helps you prevent toothache and tooth removal.
Longrich actually produces Sensodyne toothpaste for GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). GSK is one of Longrich OEM.

Key features:

✔️ The ingredients in Longrich toothpaste were carefully researched to ensure every aspect of dental care was taken care of.

A blend of these ingredients give the following results:

1. Fulfills a dentist dream: With a blend of key ingredients like xylitol, sorbitol, calcium glycerophosphate (CaGP), aloe vera extract and green tea extract, the Longrich toothpaste is the dream of every dentist.

2. Deep Cleansing*: The combination of trisodium phosphate, TCS (similar to mild antiseptic –TCP) and soft abrasives keeps the teeth and mouth clean and free of harmful micro-organisms.

3. Natural Disinfectant/Fresh breath: The multi-effect white tea and mint essence disinfects and maintains dental freshness for over 24 hours

4. Reduces Dental hypersensitivity: Strontium Chloride is the key ingredient in Longrich toothpaste responsible for eliminating all forms of tooth sensitivity to environmental conditions like cold, acidity, sweetness, or shock.

5.Treats and prevents dental decay/caries: The major cause of cavities and tooth decay is acidity. Synthetic sugars in most toothpastes are usually broken down within the oral cavity to acids. Longrich toothpastes contain two natural sugars, sorbitol and xylitol, which cannot be broken down to acids but to energy (ATP) for strengthening of the gum and tooth.

6. Relieves toothache: Camellia Sinensis (Green tea) extract is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that relieves major and minor aches in the gums and teeth. The aloe vera gel also contains anti-inflammatory agents which work together with CaGP to combat toothache.

7. Reinforces the gum*: The blend of aloe vera gel and white tea protects the gums, strengthens it at the root and prevents/treats major gum issues such as tartar, bleeding gum, gingivitis, periodontitis, etc.

8. PH buffering: Food-grade trisodium phosphate contained in the toothpaste is responsible for maintaining the weak alkaline pH of the oral mucosa thereby neutralizing any acidity (the major cause of tooth decays)

9. Fluoride-free: Fluoride is suitably replaced by a blend of CaGP, xylitol and white tea. This combination produces results ten times better than normal fluoride toothpastes.

Summary of key functions:
➖Relieves all forms of toothache
➖T️reats bleeding gum, gingivitis and periodontitis
➖Prevents tartar
➖Reduces/eliminates sensitivity
➖Deep cleansing
➖Protects enamel from demineralization
➖Reinforces the gums
➖Prevents and cures mouth ulcers
➖Provides fluoride-free decay resistance

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