Longrich Success Stories in Cameroon

Meet Dr Sandrine Lum Nchotu unveiling her multimillion dollar mansion titled “The Monarchy”

Dr Sandrine Lum Nchotu sail from South West Region of Cameroon. Completed with a bachelors degree from the University of Buea. According to her story, she and many of her friends had huge dreams but lacked the funds or the system to make these dreams come true. She tried a lot of businesses but wasn’t successful.

Tumbled into Longrich Bioscience International in 2017 where she doubted but finally gave it a try. From her words “Longrich didn’t only change my life but the lives of thousands of people under my leadership, it is worth it”.

Watch the short video below on how she started her journey into Longrich Bioscience International. The video contains 2 other success stories; Mme Jane Yuyun Taba (number 1 longrich partner in Central Africa) and mme Akum Sylvia.


She is a 2 star director with Longrich Bioscience International. A multiple international trip qualifier and has qualified for more than 6 brand new cars including a 47million FCFA car and a 90million house fund award curtesy to Longrich. Someone who has successfully built a network of over 100,000 people spread all over the world under the umbrella name “The Fast and Furious Entrepreneurs”.

On the 25th of June 2022, she unveiled a mansion titled “The Monarchy”. This luxurious mansion located in Bonaberi-Douala; Cameroon is a double mordinised storey building with more than 8 rooms, a gym, reception area, swimming pool and boys quarters.

Alongside her achievements, she launched her book titled “Sometimes a king is a woman”, a book that talks in details about the place of a woman as an entrepreneur among others.

Below are some images of her, the mansion and some of her great achievements.

Longrich Success Stories in Cameroon Longrich Success Stories in Cameroon Longrich Success Stories in Cameroon

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