Longrich travel Pack in Cameroon

Longrich Travel Pack in Cameroon is a convenient and essential companion for health-conscious travelers. It contains all the necessary toiletries that one would need while on the go, making it a must-have for every traveler. This travel pack is compact and easy to carry, making it ideal for people who are always on the move.

The Longrich Travel Pack contains different products that cater to different needs. These products include non-flouride toothpaste, body lotion, hair shampoo, liquid soap and a soft brittle toothbrush.

Different products found in the Longrich travel pack in Cameroon

Longrich toothpaste is a high-quality toothpaste that promotes good oral hygiene habits. It contains active ingredients that remove plaque and bacteria, prevent cavities, and promote healthy teeth and gums.

The Longrich toothpaste is:

  • Fluorine-free decay resistance: white tea essence prevents decay and improves dental roots conditions.
  • Deep cleansing: The antiseptic and soft silicon abrasives gives you a clean mouth with white teeth and fresh breath.
  • Gum strengthening: Strontinum Chloride and composite aloe extract protects you against teeth sensitivity (cold, hot, acidity and sweetness) Longrich White tea toothpaste in Cameroon

The Longrich Travel Pack also contains the longrich body lotion which easily penetrate your skin, plays a role in protecting and improving your skin texture. Your skin will become tender and delicate again after applying this milk. Check out our Longrich Sheep Placenta SOD Body Milk in Cameroon.

Longrich Cleansing and Treatment Shampoo in Cameroon is formulated with hair-loving EMP & ZPT complexes and peppermint extracts, this product provides tender loving care for your hair and scalp.

It cleanses and soothes your scalp, removes dandruff, dirt and excess grease from hair, leaving your hair looking smooth, soft, healthy and glossy. Suitable for all hair, including color treated hair. Check out our 2 in 1 hair shampoo too Longrich Cleansing and Treatment 2 in 1 hair Shampoo in Yaoundé Cameroon


In conclusion, Longrich Travel Pack is a must-have for anyone who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle while on the go.It contains all the necessary toiletries that one would need while traveling, making it a convenient and essential companion for health-conscious travelers.

With its range of high-quality products, the Longrich Travel Pack offers numerous health benefits, making it an excellent investment for anyone who values their health and wellbeing.

Longrich Travel pack in Cameroon consists of quality, healthful, affordable and portable grooming products packed in eco-friendly and airproof packaging materials. Content includes; a unit each of toothpaste, toothbrush, shower gel, shampoo and soap. Amazingly, the pack is reusable.

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