Longrich success story in Cameroon - Mme jane Yuyun Taba

Longrich Success Story in Cameroon – Mme Jane Yuyun Taba

Longrich Success Story in Cameroon – Mme Jane Yuyun Taba;

Mme Jane Yuyun Taba is a successful entrepreneur and mentor in Cameroon, known for her work with Longrich Bioscience International.

Mme Jane Yuyun Taba joined Longrich on the 20th November 2011. She was attracted to the business by the products but she faced a lot of difficulties because other companies who were not legit had existed and most of them dubed people and took their money; as such, for someone to buy the products or embrace the business opportunities was not easy.

Longrich Success Story in Cameroon – Mme Jane Yuyun Taba cont…

When she sells, she always made sure she goes for evaluation and collect testimonies from the clients. One of her greatest push was the first car award ceremony in Uyo-Nigeria where she saw women collecting brand new cars via this company Longrich International. She wondered why Cameroonians could not buy this concept of bettering their lives through this platform.

Mme Taba then took lead and did presentations in Tv stations, radio stations, meeting houses etc Few people embraced the opportunity but mostly consumers. This continued from 2011 to 2015

The sad part came when the managing director (Mr Awin Chen) decided to shutdown Longrich Cameroon because of poor sales for years; he explained that all the sales was going in for taxes, bills and workers salaries. Mme Taba being a visionary that she is, pleaded on the board for a chance to redeem the business in Cameroon which glory to God, it happened.

The table turned around when Dr. Sandrine Lum Nchotu, a present 2-star director within the Longrich network came on board in December 2015. Few months after, late Mr Franklin (may he rest in peace) came in. These two brought the light Longrich Cameroon needed.

Their first year brought the first car qualification in Cameroon in 2016. Mme Jane Yuyun Taba was in so much joy that in her words she said “I wish i could kiss heaven and say a big thank you to God for making this happen”. 2017, she qualified for another car worth 35million francs.

In 2018, Longrich took a different level; a lot of international trip qualifiers, many car qualifiers many young people started earning weekly. Same 2018, Cameroon recorded 16 car qualifiers.

On the 11th of January 2018, she became the first star director in Cameroon.

Benefits of being a Star director of Longrich in Cameroon
  • A star director gets a yearly salary of
  • A star director gets a house fund worth 90 million francs
  • An executive MBA in Colorado University serves as a mother-figure and inspiration to many, offering guidance and support as they navigate the world of business.
  • Seven to eight figure weekly earner.
  • Opened to yearly car fund qualifications worth from 4 million, 9 million, 18 million, 23 million, 48 million etc
  • Opened to international trips
  • You are authorised to table a business opportunity and Longrich company will promote it for you.

Mme Jane Yuyun Taba’s success with Longrich is a testament to the power of hard work and determination. She has built a thriving network of entrepreneurs, earning recognition and awards for her achievements. Her story is one of resilience and perseverance, as she overcame numerous obstacles to achieve her goals.

Longrich Success Story in Cameroon - Mme Jane Yuyun TabaLongrich Success Story in Cameroon - Mme Jane Yuyun TabaLongrich Success Story in Cameroon - Mme Jane Yuyun TabaLongrich Success Story in Cameroon - Mme Jane Yuyun Taba

Longrich Success Story in Cameroon – Mme Jane Yuyun Taba

Through her mentorship, Mme Jane Yuyun Taba has helped countless individuals achieve success with Longrich. She emphasizes the importance of building relationships and providing value to others, believing that success should be shared and celebrated. Her approach to business is centered around integrity and honesty, values that are reflected in the Longrich culture.

Mme Jane Yuyun Taba’s Longrich success story is one that inspires and motivates individuals to pursue their dreams. She has shown that with hard work, dedication, and the right mindset, anything is possible. Her mentorship has helped many individuals achieve financial freedom and build a better future for themselves and their families.

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